Urban Coyote

Urban Coyote

By Connor Coffman

I am a native Arizonan and have a fascination with all things electronic. My love for exploring and utilizing various obscure, vintage technologies was a big inspiration in creating my sculptures.

My motivation for this piece comes from me seeing coyotes in urban environments all over the city and near my home in Ahwatukee. Coyotes cross busy streets then scale a massive concrete wall on the other side. Their adaptation of scavenging in the city is phenomenal and I wanted to bring this adaption out in a literal sense.

To build The Urban Coyote, I converted my vector files to a 3d model. From there I worked with Magnum Design and use their water jet to cut out the parts out of steel. After that, a combination of MIG wielding and gas welding was used to assemble it into parts, then grind the welds down to make it smooth. Finish is powder coat.

Sept 2014 - Sept 2015

Steel, powder coat

Vision Gallery
10 East Chicago Street
Chandler AZ 85225