By Allison Wendt

I believe humans to be inherently attracted to nature and patterns that allude to organic forms. Natural patterns, flow and movement often inspire artists to create beautiful landscapes or depict other wonders of nature. Instead of recreating what names look like, I allow nature to speak for itself. My current work is a confluence of nature, science, and artistic expression. My technique is achieved through the physical use of positive and negative voltages through electro-manipulation. Electro-manipulated wood burnings are synthetic creations of naturally occurring energy patterns known as Lichtenberg figures. This fractal pattern emerges when mass electrical discharges are forced through a slightly conductive material. As free flowing electrons burn their way across the surface of the wood, nature reveals the beauty of its own compositional structure.

I have been honing this technique for over a year and I have successfully displayed works in public galleries on numerous occasions. I believe the sheer size and appearance of the raw wood will provide a sharp contrast to an urban environment and will therefore draw viewer attention. I have create a new large scale piece combining the techniques of electro-manipulation and glow resin as in my previous works. This piece begins with a vertical cross-section of raw edge juniper. Iron rods inserted internally the length of the piece provide permanent stability for the structure as well as the ability to affix the sculpture to the platform. The patterns are burned into the wood and encapsulated in structural resin. Approximate sculpture dimensions are 5’ high x 2’ wide x 1’ in depth. As an artist, my goal was to showcase this naturally occurring phenomenon, and the relationship we humans have with it, as something beautiful. One learns more about the world around them when science is integrated with art.

Sept 2015 - Sept 2016

Wood, steel, resin

Chandler City Hall
175 S Arizona Ave.
Chandler, AZ 85225