Radial Joy

Radial Joy

By Shelby Larson

Description: Radial Joy represents the concept of happiness and joy beginning from within and radiating outward. The bright colors, radial design and spherical forms, which reference childhood toys, all come together to achieve this idea. The juxtaposition of placing such a lively object against a dilapidated and historic building provides visual interest to the residents, commuters and students of the Tempe area. The sculptures were made utilizing various computer-aided design software and digital fabrication techniques.

Artist biography: Shelby Larson will graduate in December 2014 from Arizona State University, pursuing concurrent Bachelor’s Degrees in Sculpture and Mathematics with a minor in Digital Culture. As an artist, she began creating sculptures in woodworking and metalworking, and has recently begun to incorporate newer technological skills to her process. Larson is excited by the power to create, and is tempted by the physical bounds that nothing can escape. What defines the object and how that can be altered until it no longer fits its parameters is a concept that she pushes in her work. Participating in platFORM has strengthened Larson’s skills as an artist and has allowed her to work on a scale beyond what she thought was possible as a student. Overall, this experience has motivated her to create more community inspired work.

Funding: This project was funded through the City of Tempe Municipal Arts Fund with the support of the Tempe Municipal Arts Commission.

Images by: Peter Bugg

Sept 2014 - Sept 2015


Hayden Flour Mill
119 S. Mill Avenue