Natural Monolith

Natural Monolith

By Ashley Bennardo, David Higley & Jephyr Curtis

Description: Fabricated a sculpture that complements the beauty of the Arizona landscape during the day and transforms at night to highlight the modern forms present in our growing communities. In doing so, we will engage viewers at all hours by creating a piece that embodies our unique community—an urban society nestled at the heart of a distinct environment.

The sculpture is a triptych made of acid stained concrete and phosphorescent rocks. During the day, the green acid staining of the concrete will bring out the natural green tones of the cacti and other plant life in the environment. While this serves to complement the beauty of its surroundings, the white pinstriping and geometric forms keep the sculpture visually intriguing in its own right. At night, the stained concrete blends in with the darkness of the environment. This brings out the glowing phosphorescent rocks that are inset along the white lines and surrounding the geometric forms. These rocks are charged by natural sunlight requiring no maintenance while keeping the sculpture engaging regardless of the time at which it is viewed.

Funding: This project was funded through the City of Tempe Municipal Arts Fund with the support of the Tempe Municipal Arts Commission.

Sept 2015 - Sept 2016

Stained Concrete and Phosphorescent Rocks

Tempe Beach Park Entrance
80 W Rio Salado Pkwy