Rain Song

Rain Song

By Lisa Bernal Brethour

Description: Rain Song is a square column with a different image on each side. Just as the monsoon storms begin in the south, the narrative will begin on the south face with the cicadas. The east face depicts the clouds and wind that blows in from the east in the summer. The north face depicts the monsoon rains. And just as the storms end in the west, the west face shows the resulting green desert cactus and flowers that have benefitted from the rains. Each face of the column continues the lines on either side to create a continuous narrative. The column is be made from large stoneware square tiles in a bas relief fashion. The tiles are mounted to hardy backer board which in turn is fixed to a metal box frame. The tiles are colored with a combination of underglazes and glazes.

Funding: This project was funded through the City of Tempe Municipal Arts Fund with the support of the Tempe Municipal Arts Commission.

Sept 2015 - Sept 2016

Stoneware Square Tiles in a Bas Relief

Hayden Flour Mill
119 S. Mill Avenue